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With over 34 000 kilometres of spectacular coastline, an incredible climate, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, it’s no wonder Australians love the boating life.

Whether your idea of boating fun is calmly cruising the Gold Coast waterways, fishing for the big one on the Sunshine Coast, kitesurfing in Byron or paddling around Sydney harbour, if you love boating and watersports, specialised sunglasses can turn a good time into a great one!

Dazzling sunlight, reflections off the water, sea spray and even the glare from a cloudy sky are bad news for your eyes, so if you want to protect them and get the most from your waterborne activities, take a look at our wide range of high-performance and stylish boating glasses.

LiP Sunglasses have been specially designed by experts to reduce the risk of harm from UV rays – especially those which ‘leak’ between the frame of regular sunglasses and your face into your eyes. The thing about UV rays is that the damage they cause is cumulative, so if you spend a lot of time on boats or participating in watersports, you should think about how often your eyes are exposed to this harmful radiation. With our expertly-designed boating sunglasses, you can spend hours in and around the water with complete peace-of-mind that your eyes are protected.

men boating in sunglasses

men boating in sunglasses

The Best Boating Sunglasses

You’ve heard of ZEISS, right?  They’re the global leader in the field of optics and optoelectronics and so we teamed up with leading optics manufacturers like ZEISS to bring you cutting-edge technology in your boating sunglasses.  That means when you buy any of our LiP boating sunglasses, you know you’re getting the very best lenses in the world.

And our smart design team didn’t just stop at one or two advanced features.  Our watersports sunglasses come with a whole heap of benefits, making them ideal for even the most intense and/or competitive boating activities.  Sydney to Hobart yacht race anyone?

The advanced technology of our watersport sunglasses means they are:

  • hydrophobic (they repel water)
  • oleophobic (resistant to the penetration or adhesion of oils)
  • anti-scratch
  • anti-fog

And the good stuff doesn’t stop there!  All LiP Sunglasses have passed the FDA impact resistance rest requirements with flying colours, which means our wrap frames are not only virtually indestructible, they’re constructed from special shape-memory TR90 nylon which absorbs and spreads impact loads. You can choose from our three boating models – Typhoon, Surge and FLO – each of which has been carefully designed for differing boating conditions and the different needs of the wearer. Each comes with the option of polarised or non-polarised lenses and you can choose from a wide variety of base lens colours and mirror coating options.

Our Typhoon and Surge models are designed for more intense or vigorous boating and watersports activities like kite surfing, wing foiling, jet skiing, sailing and wakeboarding.

Features include:

  • a patented double vortex venting system to counteract fogging and minimise the build-up of heat behind the lenses
  • a 100% failsafe leash and silicone necklace retainer system, so you’ll never lose your sailing sunglasses – even in the most competitive of environments!

Our FLO model is an excellent option if you’re after the simplicity of lightweight boating sunglasses that float.  They’re perfect for calmer water and more leisurely activities, but should your FLOs fall off, they’ll simply bob atop the surface of the water waiting to be rescued!

smiling man boating in sunglasses

smiling man boating in sunglasses

Choosing Your Pair Of Boating Sunglasses

We understand that Australian marine conditions can be harsh, so your boating sunglasses need to be able to stand up to some rough treatment.

We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a three-year warranty on our entire range of watersports sunglasses.  And when you compare this to what other sunglasses manufacturers offer, you’ll see it’s a market-leading deal.

It’s important to make an informed decision when choosing polarised sunglasses, so you’ll find the following questions useful when investigating options:

  • Where do you plan to use your boating sunglasses?
  • What are the weather conditions likely to be?
  • Do you intend participating in high-speed boating or vigorous watersports?
  • Do you need sunglasses for rowing, sunglasses for fishing or any other waterborne activity?
  • Do you want your lenses tinted?

Check out our lens summary guide.  It provides a detailed explanation of the features of the different types of sunglasses, enabling you to pick the right product for the protection you need and which will elevate your Aussie boating experience.

You’ll see and feel the difference when you take to the water wearing LiP sunglasses.


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