Dinghy Sailing Sunglasses

We have three types of Lip sunglasses for sailing, but unless you are guaranteed the lightest of wind conditions, we would recommend our polarised Typhoon or Surge range. These have a patented double vortex lens ventilation system which counteracts any fogging of the lens that can develop in cold water locations. And even though Australia has a reputation of being a sunburnt country, the temperatures in the oceans can drop to single figures in winter, so you need to take care out there.

In dingy racing, you are particularly close the water which generally means you’ll experience a substantial amount of spray. The close proximity of the water also means that reflections and glare can be blinding. The only way to counteract the glare is by wearing sailing sunglasses with quality polarisation. The level of polarisation you choose will depend on your most common sailing conditions.

Here’s a helpful guide to polarisation levels:

Bright and sunny condition – Category 3 polarised lenses with a VLT (visible light transmission rate) of 9-10%. See our Pacific Blue Typhoon or Surge Ice Blue lens descriptions below if you need lenses for bright conditions

Darker conditions – The Typhoon Rose Gold lenses or Brown lenses are suitable for darker conditions, as these have a VLT of around 14% and 15.6% respectively


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