Fishing Sunglasses

Whether you’re into adrenalin-fuelled deep sea fishing or family-friendly beachside angling, you’re among the 3.5 million people in Australia who enjoy fishing for sport or recreation. And what’s not to love about casting a line?

Australia has miles of beautiful coastline boasting some of the best fishing spots in the world plus there’s the thrill of the hunt, the achievement of the catch and the shared tales of angling adventures – but just imagine if there was an easy way that you could up your game.
Having the right fishing equipment is one way of improving your chances of success – but have you ever thought what a difference polarised fishing sunglasses could make?

Consider this. Mornings and evenings are usually the best times for fishing, right? That’s when many fish are feeding – but you know how tricky it is to fish when you’re squinting against the glare of the rising or setting sun and the dazzling reflections off the water. It’s also not easy to see surface disturbances and signs of activity in the water when you’re fishing during the day – unless you’re wearing polarised sunglasses of course. These expertly designed sunglasses remove over 99% of the glare and may just be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for when it comes to landing the big one.

Do Polarised Fishing Sunglasses Help You Land More Fish?

fishing rod

fishing rod

Whether you’re fishing for tuna or tiddlers, let’s look at what polarised sunglasses can do for every kind of angler.

  • Dramatically reduce glare from sunlight and water reflections
  • Make it easier to peer through the water’s surface
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Provide necessary protection from harmful UV rays
  • Add clarity and contrast to your field of view

As every angler knows, successful fishing is a mixture of skill, luck and timing – and so when you add in clarity of vision – you may just be giving yourself a big advantage!

Check out our high quality frame design and cutting edge optics to see what a difference LiP Watersports fishing sunglasses can make to your angling experience.  With polarised sunglasses, you can find, hook and land the big one!

Why do fishing sunglasses have polarisation?

We understand that every angler wants the best fishing sunglasses to see fish and in fact, many people do an online search for this exact term.  But we also know that the search results can often lead people to buy an unsuitable product.

When it comes to fishing sunglasses, the key thing to look for is a product that protects your eyes.

Yes, polarised sunglasses provide crisp, undistorted vision and will give you a better chance of seeing fish through the glare off the water, but you also need to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.  A better search term would therefore be ‘best fishing glasses to protect my eyes’.

Our outdoor lifestyle in Australia, coupled with the extra harsh UV radiation can be really problematic for eye health, particularly as UV damage is cumulative.  To prevent problems down the line, it is really worthwhile investing in high quality polarised fishing glasses to help combat a variety of issues including corneal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration.

With LiP’s range of stylish fishing glasses with their state-of-the-art frame and lens technology, you’ll not only look and feel good, you’ll also be doing good for your future eye health.

What Makes Our LiP Sunglasses The Best Sunglasses For Fishing?

Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses

Our polarised sunglasses for fishing are the ultimate combination of form and function. The frames are constructed from a revolutionary lightweight ‘shape memory’ nylon called Grilamid TR90, which provides extraordinary flexibility, durability and resistance to heat.  And in more good news – even if your frames get a little bent during your fishing expedition, they’ll always return to their original shape thanks to this indestructible material.

The wraparound shape of the frame (23cm base) sits comfortably against your face, providing optimal protection by minimising any likelihood of damaging UV rays ‘leaking’ through from the sides, top and bottom of the frame.  This cleverly designed shape also prevents wind, insects and spray from getting behind the lenses.

What’s more, the curved frame and lenses optimise your peripheral vision and enhance awareness of the surroundings, so you can really get the big picture!

Now let’s talk about our lenses.

As you know, lenses are the heart of any pair of glasses.  That’s why we’ve gone for the absolute best in all of our sunglasses, partnering with leading lens manufacturers like ZEISS.  Anglers need visual clarity, comfort, protection and durability – and our polycarbonate, nylon and polyurethane lenses tick all those boxes and more.  They’re lightweight and flexible, so they’re comfortable and easy to wear plus they’re engineered to allow crisp, undistorted vision.

What’s more, in addition to blocking out 100% of the damaging UV rays of the harsh Aussie sun, our fishing sunglasses lenses also repel water as well as oils, sweat and dirt.  That’s because they have a technologically advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on both sides of the lenses.

Say goodbye to blurry vision from seaspray, grubby fingerprints from handling bait and fish and greasy smears from sunscreen.  With LiP polarised fishing sunglasses, you get a clear view to the catch of the day.

Want more good news?

Ever dropped your fishing glasses overboard?  With our trademarked FLOT8 frame technology, you will have complete confidence that your shades will float, not sink – so while there’s always a risk that the big one could get away, you can be sure that your shades won’t!

Lens base colour is a crucial factor in getting the most from your fishing glasses.  To help you choose the right pair and elevate your fishing experience, check out the handy table below.  We’ve got fishing sunglasses to suit any environment and this will help you find the perfect lens for different water and weather conditions.

Not going fishing today?  Remember, you can wear your LiP watersports sunglasses for any type of waterborne activity, so when you’re beaching or boating, surfing or supping, your shades can come along for the ride.  Make sure you always pack your specialised watersports sunglasses in your kitbag whenever you’re playing in the water in Australia’s great outdoors.


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