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Wearing eyewear when jet-skiing is a must. The damaging Aussie sun, blinding glare off the water, seaspray, even flying insects can spoil a good time on a jet-ski, plus there’s a safety issue as a result of your vision being impaired. If you’re distracted by issues with your eyes or you don’t have a clear view of what’s going on around you, there’s a real safety risk for you and others on the water – especially when you are moving at high speeds.

Regular sunglasses won’t stop UV rays, water and light from finding a way behind your lenses in the high-speed, high-energy sport of jet-skiing, but these are no problem for our specialised LiP Sunglasses. That’s because our specialised jet ski sunglasses with their unique wrap-around design and revolutionary lenses mitigate all the negatives.

Our polarised lenses cut out 99% of the glare which means superior comfort and contrast as well as reduced eye-strain and fatigue, while the smart wrap design protects your eyes from harmful UV radiation and water leaking through the top, bottom and sides of the frame.
Optical clarity is another must when you’re out on the water as you need to be able to distinguish objects in the water to avoid hitting them. That’s why jet skiing sunglasses are a watersports must-have.

Jet Skiing Sunglasses Are A Watersports Must-Have

Jet Skiing Sunglasses

Jet Skiing Sunglasses

With Australia’s ideal climate for adventures in the great outdoors, it’s no wonder that jet skiing is such a popular recreational and competitive pastime.  Everywhere you go along the Australian coast, you’ll see people out and about on the water having high-speed fun on their jet-skis. But will you see them wearing the right sunglasses?

Those in the know will be wearing good jet ski sunglasses which offer reliable impact resistance and which have lenses that remain clear and free from water-spotting.   And if they’re smart and want to get the most out of their jet-skiing experience, they’ll be wearing LiP’s specialised watersports sunglasses.

LiP’s range of sunglasses address the challenges of impact resistance and clarity of vision, plus they offer a whole lot of other benefits.  They’re a very comfortable, secure fit and allow an unhindered field of view, plus they have a patented venting system which reduces fog and heat build-up behind the lenses.

There are three models to choose from – Surge, Typhoon and FLO – all of which are great for jet-skiing as well as for other waterborne activities like wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing, sailing and more.

The Surge and Typhoon jet-ski goggles have a failsafe leash system which prevents you losing your sunglasses in the event of a wipeout, while the Flo model has a floating frame.

Another advantage is that all of our lenses have state-of-the-art coating technology, so whether you’re sailing in the Whitsundays, barrelling in Bondi or paddling at Rottnest, you’ll enjoy crystal clear vision.

Improve Your Jet Ski Performance With The Best Sunglasses

The human eye is a miracle of nature.  And here at LiP Sunglasses Australia, we are in awe of what these little small organs are capable of and we never take vision for granted.  That’s why we are so committed to bringing you the very best in world-leading technology so that you can protect and preserve these precious assets.

The sensitivity of an eye is possibly its greatest strength and its greatest weakness.  It gives us the ability to discern differences in shading and patterns, but the bright Aussie sun and glaring reflections off the water can play havoc with our delicate eyes.

What’s more, constant exposure to UV radiation can cause permanent damage to the eye – and even in cloudy conditions, there are UV rays.  So if you’re into outdoor activities and watersports, it’s really important to invest in specialised eyewear.

If jet-skiing is your chosen activity, have a look at our range of water sunglasses as well as our unique floating jet ski sunglasses.  They’ll help you be your best and will elevate your jet-ski performance.

Our innovative design and advanced lens technology will shield your sensitive eyes from UV radiation, cut out reflected glare and minimise eye fatigue.  You’ll be more aware of your surroundings, see things more clearly and reduce the risk of your vision being impaired by sea spray, glaring light or high-speed movement.

No more squinting and eye-watering.   Set your sights higher with our specialist jet-skiing sunglasses and enjoy watersports with your eyes wide open!

Jet Skiing Sunglasses That Are Built To Last

built to last jet skiing sunglasses

built to last jet skiing sunglasses

Jet-skiing is a vigorous, adrenalin-fuelled sport with no shortage of thrills and spills, which is why your eyewear should be sufficiently robust to withstand high speeds in the harsh marine environment.

We understand what it takes for sunglasses to maintain peak performance and are so confident in the quality of our LiP shades that we offer a market-leading 3-year warranty on all our products.  And in the unlikely event that they’re not what you expected, we’ll happily accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

We also understand that your choice of jet-skiing sunglasses depends on where you plan to use them and what the weather conditions are like.  For example, when you’re on the water, temperatures can change in a flash, resulting in foggy lenses and impaired vision.  With our anti-fog lenses, airflow is optimised and you’ll maintain clarity of view.

Check out our detailed list of our lenses to help you make the best choice.


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