Embrace a new era of style and comfort while bidding farewell to red-eye issues with our top-tier prescription eyewear crafted explicitly for water enthusiasts. Engineered with cutting-edge materials and advanced lab techniques, our premium frames boast an 8-base wrap design, catering to high-powered prescriptions. Uniquely tailored for optimal performance and comfort on the water, these frames accommodate diverse passions.

Experience the superiority of our Watershades RX frames—flexible, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. Offering a range of prescription lens options tailored for various environments, coupled with our reliable leash system, bid adieu to compromising on watersports eyewear solutions.

Elevate your safety with crystal-clear, distortion-free vision using any of our three watershades models featured below, ensuring you stay ahead of potential hazards

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Enhance Your Watersports Experience with Custom Prescription Sunglasses: Clear Vision on the Water!

When you’re out enjoying water activities, clear vision is crucial. Even with perfect eyesight, the ocean presents challenges like intense UV exposure, sea spray, and swiftly moving objects. If you need vision correction, these hurdles compound.

Navigating diverse water conditions demands a versatile eyewear solution. Our prescription watersports sunglasses offer tailored customization, surpassing off-the-shelf options. For instance, our advanced anti-fog coating ‘ORION-X’ tackles fogging issues unique to prescription wearers. Unlike plano sunglasses, removing them isn’t an option. With our service, we apply premium coatings individually, even on mirrored lenses, expanding color and lens choices beyond off-the-shelf limits.

Count on our prescription watershades to not just meet but exceed your expectations, becoming an essential part of your watersports gear


Our specialized single vision lenses excel in addressing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, ensuring superior peripheral vision. Opt for our Polar-RX (polarized) NXT lenses during bright watersport activities to combat glare effectively, maintain stability, and stay attentive to peripheral movements. Our RX single vision lenses support combined SPH + CYL readings of up to +6/-8, catering to various vision needs in water-based settings.


If you require correction for both near and distance vision, our varifocal lenses provide constant focus. Opt for our QuickStep photochromic varifocals for fluctuating lighting conditions, enabling easy consultation of instruments and navigation tools. For ultimate adaptability, our Photo-polarised lenses offer state-of-the-art adaptive polarization paired with transitioning capabilities, ensuring versatility in various environments.

To request a quote simply click on the link below and send through your prescription details.



Specialist eyewear for watersports enthusiasts.
Stay out there on the water and do what you
love for longer, while also protecting your eyes.

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