Gloss Black Polarised TYPHOON Sunglasses with Methane Brown ZEISS Lenses ☁️ 🌦️ 🌥️ 🌤️ ☀️

$330.00 (including GST)


Frame: Gloss Black/ Black Rubber, TR90 frame (flexible, lightweight and durable)

Polarised / Non-Polarised: Polarised

Lens Material: Nylon

Base Lens Colour: Methane Brown

Lens Coatings: Hydrophobic, oleophobic & scratch resistant coatings

Light Transmission: 15.6%

Weather Conditions: Cloudy / Variable

Contrast: Standard

Comes with our unique two-stage FAILSAFE retainer system, EVA case, microfibre cleaning bag and 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

In stock

Gloss Black Polarised TYPHOON Sunglasses with Methane Brown ZEISS Lenses. With a light transmission value of 15.6%, these sunglasses allow enough light through so you can still see clearly when it’s cloudy while still significantly reducing the glare and providing 100% UV protection. Yep they are pretty clever!

Medium / Large

  1. Lens width: 70mm
  2. Lens height: 40mm
  3. Frame width: 142mm
  4. Bridge width: 15mm
  5. Temple length: 125mm


The TYPHOON frame is constructed using Grilamid TR90 – a virtually indestructible thermoplastic nylon that is lightweight, flexible and incredibly strong. This material absorbs and spreads impact force and then returns to its original shape.

In addition, the TYPHOON frame incorporates overmolded rubber on the inside of the main frame and on the temple tips for extra comfort.

A patented anti-fogging system comprising cuttings in the lenses and venting channels in the upper and lower parts of the frame encourages airflow through and behind the lenses to improve ventilation and counteract fogging.

Finally, a FAILSAFE leash system guaranteed to work in all conditions will ensure that you stay connected to your sunglasses during a heavy wipeout.



All LiP Sunglasses lenses and lenses by ZEISS are designed and tested under rigorous conditions to ensure they meet regulatory standards around the world, including ANSI (United States), EN-ISO (Europe) and AS/NZS (Australia / New Zealand). This testing includes high velocity mass impact testing.

All lenses (regardless of the Lens Series or function) are guaranteed to filter out harmful UVA and UVB rays. All lenses have oleophobic and hard coatings on both front and rear lens surfaces. For lenses that are polarized, the polarization achieved is 98-99%.


Specialist eyewear for watersports enthusiasts.
Stay out there on the water and do what you
love for longer, while also protecting your eyes.

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