Sailing-Offshore / Blue Water

Australia is known for its sensational coastline with plenty of tranquil bays and calm waterways, but it also offers plenty of places that are ideal for high-speed, high-intensity adventure sailing.

When the waves are surging and the wind is howling, you’ll be grateful to have our Surge or Typhoon sunglasses firmly tethered to your head. The Typhoon is particularly well-suited to rough ocean conditions, and its premium hydrophobic lens coating will keep your vision clear and crisp so you can focus on safe and successful nautical navigation.

As every sailor knows, conditions out at sea change in an instant and there are always periods of calm before and after the storms. During this time when the water is like a pond and reflections are clear and true, our FLO range of sailing sunglasses are the go.

These don’t have the robust retention system of the Typhoon and Surge, but they’re your perfect companion for optimum eye health in calm conditions. Blue water sailing demands the right equipment for optimum performance and safety. That’s why we recommend having multiple backups of sunglasses on board – especially if you’re spending extended time out at sea.


Specialist eyewear for watersports enthusiasts.
Stay out there on the water and do what you
love for longer, while also protecting your eyes.

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