Stand Up Paddle Boarding Sunglasses

There’s no shortage of breathtaking ocean and freshwater SUP destinations in Australia, all with unique features such as stunning Byron Bay, Lord Howe Island, Manly Beach, the Swan River and Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge. But wherever you find yourself on a stand-up paddle board, make sure you’ve got your sunnies with you.

LiP Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and harmful UV light, while also providing clear visibility of the water around you. Many models in their range are also polarised to reduce glare and reflections off the water, so you can spend more time out there doing what you love to do.

LiP Sunglasses are designed to offer 100% UV protection and have impact-resistant lenses. They are also very lightweight and comfortable so you can wear them all day without discomfort. Each model of LiP Sunglasses also has a wrap-around frame to maximise coverage, shielding your eyes from sun, wind, and other harsh environmental elements. Every pair of LiP Sunglasses also come with a 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

With the right pair of sunglasses for stand up paddle boarding, you can stay safe from the sun’s rays while still enjoying the great outdoors! Chose the perfect pair of stand-up paddling boarding sunglasses here.

Here at Lip Sunglasses, we are huge fans of the sport – and we can see why it’s really taken off in Australia. It’s a great way to have a fun, sporty day out on the water and your body gets a good workout too!
But being out on the water does mean prolonged exposure to the elements which can be pretty harsh on your body. Direct and scattered UV rays and reflected glare off the water can be harmful as well as uncomfortable, so you need to protect yourself as far as possible. And that means regular ‘slip, slap, slop’ with the sunscreen and just as importantly, slipping on some specialised stand up paddleboarding sunglasses to protect your precious eyes.

Sunglasses Designed For Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP LiP Sunglasses Lady and Dog

SUP LiP Sunglasses Lady and Dog

The damaging effects of unfiltered rays are well-known and the severity of UV radiation in Australia is also well-known.  It’s just not worth taking any chances, which is why many of us wear sunglasses.

But did you know that most conventional sunglasses for watersports are not actually designed for aquatic environments?  Their shape leaves a lot to be desired in terms of providing optimal protection when you’re on the water for prolonged periods of time and exposed to the elements.

When you’re out paddling, you need specialised watersports sunglasses for paddleboarding which are:

  • Durable so they withstand the harsh ocean environment
  • Designed for optimal visual clarity
  • Shaped for optimal UV protection
  • Equipped with superior lenses which protect your eyes from UV radiation and glare
  • Fitted with high-tech coatings engineered specifically for watersports
  • Securely tethered to you

Our watersports sunglasses are the perfect SUP accessory – and that’s not only because they protect your eyes.  Reliable and high-quality eyewear can enhance your experience wherever you are supping in Australia.  Here’s why:

  • The expertly designed 8-base curve frame and lenses minimise UV leakage through the top, bottom and sides of the frame. But not only that.  This wrap-style curve maximises your peripheral vision, giving you clarity and contrast in your focus range as well as in the mid and far-periphery.
  • You can spend hours on your board in total comfort thanks to our light and unbreakable ‘shape memory’ TR90 frames. Their soft TPU rubber parts are gentle on the face and designed for long-lasting comfort.
  • Our patented venting system counteracts lens fogging, so you can breathe easy and enjoy your stunning surroundings.
  • Our state-of-the-art polarised lenses cut out 99% of reflected glare and the hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings keep your vision clear of dirt and water spots.
  • SUP to your heart’s content secure in the knowledge that your paddling sunglasses have either a floating frame or a failsafe leash retention system that is guaranteed to keep you and your glasses connected!

The Key Features Of Our Frame Technology

hydrophobic lens sunglasses

hydrophobic lens sunglasses

With Australia’s myriad diverse waterways, it’s possible to participate in paddleboarding of all genres including paddle-surfing, leisurely flatwater paddling and competitive SUP racing.

Our watersports-mad team at Lip Sunglasses made it their personal mission to create versatile sunglasses solutions that solved all the problems they’d experienced while out on their SUP boards.  Now you can get the benefit of their expertise and insider knowledge with our FLO, Typhoon and Surge models.

The best model for you will depend on your preferred water conditions and your style of paddleboarding.

Let’s look at some of the options:

For leisure paddling on calm and flat waters, our FLO sunglasses are ideal.  These are remarkably light and easy to wear and they come with a wide selection of frame and lens options to suit your style.  They also float, so if you fall off your board and lose your sunglasses, you can easily retrieve them.

If you’re involved in a more dynamic SUP experience in the ocean or in a competitive racing environment, you should consider our Surge or Typhoon models.  The reason for this is that these have a built-in leash system which is guaranteed not to fail – so you’ll never become detached from your sunglasses.

These two models are not only ideal paddle boarding sunglasses, they’re also perfect rowing sunglasses too.  They keep your eyes fully protected from the elements and give you the clarity of vision you need to identify hazards before they become problematic.  Plus you’ll look the business with the stylish frames and wide range of lens finishes to suit your personal taste.  As they say in Australia, these watershades are an absolute ripper, mate!

Invest in your eyes with Lip SUP Sunglasses

If you want to look, feel and BE the real deal, say hello to the best sunglasses for paddle boarding – Lip Sunglasses.

No more red, tired and scratchy eyes.  No more squinting through the glaring reflections and blinding sun.  No chance of damaging UV rays creeping in.  No more blurry vision because of water spots and greasy smears.  With our range of polarised paddle boarding sunglasses, you can have the best time exploring Australia’s incredible SUP locations.


Specialist eyewear for watersports enthusiasts.
Stay out there on the water and do what you
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