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Mick Fanning. Layne Beachley. Stephanie Gilmore. Joel Parkinson. There’s are many reasons why Australia produces so many world-class surfers – one of which is because there are endless world-class surf spots right on our doorstep. LiP Sunglasses was born out of a passion for riding waves, and surfing is so deeply entrenched in our soul that we named the company after a well-known surfing term. We think hitting the lip and carving beautiful tracks down the line is as fundamental as life itself. Hence the name LiP Sunglasses.

Surfing With Better Vision and No Glare

SURGE sunglasses fro surfing

Surfing sunglasses

First light is the best time to catch the cleanest waves when the offshore winds are light and the crowds haven’t arrived. That’s usually when you’ll find us busting our surf gear out of the van – just as the sun emerges on the horizon. But like you, we know that it’s not easy to see so clearly at this time of day because the lines are a little blurred and the reflections and glare can be blinding. And that’s why we made it our mission to find the optimum way to handle the glare and get the most out of surfing. The result is the best polarised surfing sunglasses money can buy (and you’ll be surprised to learn that they won’t cost you the earth).

Which Surfing Sunglasses Are Best for You?  

You know your sport best and which conditions you love to surf in.  Whether it’s laidback longboard sunset sessions or exhilarating overhead barrelling sets at full tide, we’ve got the best surfing sunglasses to amp up your experience. We have range of three models of watersports sunglasses to choose from – FLO, SURGE and TYPHOON, but we most commonly recommend our SURGE models for surfing.

Our SURGE models are designed for robust conditions – like the big swells of the Southern Ocean at Bells Beach and the famous surf breaks near Margaret River.  The SURGE models incorporate a 100% guaranteed failsafe leash and retainer system, so even if they come loose in an epic wipeout, you won’t watch your investment sink. The frame design allows for maximum water release and air flow to reduce fogging risk and ensure that you have clear lenses offering great vision.

Check out the SURGE models here

World Class Lenses and Coatings

In developing our SURGE watersports sunglasses we have teamed up with world-class lens manufacturers like Levanté and VIVIDE™ to bring you the best surfing sunglasses in the world.  They’re the perfect symphony of style and substance.

Our SURGE models incorporate a patented venting system to counteract any fogging, plus we offer an additional anti-fog coating on some of our lenses for those who surfing in humid conditions. We also utilise the latest hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to ensure you have great vision in all conditions. When you pop back up from a duck dive or a wipe out, the water simply falls away, giving you a clear view to read the water and pick the perfect break.

We also offer both polarised and non-polarised lens options. Polarised lenses do a brilliant job of reducing the glare due to the light reflecting off the water. There are however some people who do not like wearing polarised sunglasses and so we have provided non-polarised options. Either way, we have got your eyes covered!

Surfing With Sunglasses Can Be Challenging

Lip of the wave.

Wearing sunglasses out surfing comes with its own unique set of challenges. Making your way through the break can require duck dives and turtle rolls and regular sunglasses are no match for the power of the waves. They’ll be on the ocean floor in a flash. And then there are the hazards like ever-present UV radiation, a barrage of sea-spray, lens fogging and water spotting on the lenses which all need to be overcome to make the rides even more epic.

Think About The Risks

Without clear vision, you’re at greater risk of a collision and you could do yourself, or someone else, an injury. And without protection against UV rays, reflected glare and constant sea-spray, you could be vulnerable to some really nasty eye conditions like pterygium (aka Surfer’s Eye) which is caused by long-term exposure to UV light and even lasting eye damage. Just as importantly, you are unlikely to perform at your best if you’re struggling to see clearly.

Avoid Surfer’s Eye With LiP Surf Sunglasses

Riding the wave with watersports sunglasses

Why is that many surfers choose not to wear surfing sunglasses, despite the known risks to eye health?

We understand the reasons.  We’ve been involved in surfing for long enough to know that a disappointing experience with broken, lost or fiddly sunglasses makes people reluctant to try again. Reticence to wear surfing sunglasses can also be due to the outdated perception that they make you look like an alien.  No-one wants to be that weird dude in the line-up.

Trust us.  With our stylish range of shades that have been designed by surfers, for surfers, you’ll be the envy of your mates.  Our Surge and Typhoon sunglasses are appealing to the eye, impossible to lose and will do more than you ask of them.  Your eyes will thank you.

Lip Sunglasses’ surfing eyewear is built to withstand the powerful forces of the ocean and regardless of whether you are in the water, under the water or on top of the water, they’ll give your eyes the solid protection they need. Maybe it’s time to be that person in the line-up who has done their research on surfing eyewear and is leading the revolution?


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