Wakeboarding Sunglasses

Wakeboarding appeals to the young and the young-at-heart and is continuing to gain momentum and exposure here in Australia and in the rest of the world. It’s an awesome fun-filled sport and having owned a wakeboarding boat for many years we knew from experience that wakeboarding sunglasses could add a new level of enjoyment and safety.

Wakeboarding Sunglasses Designed to Perform

wakeboarding with sunglasses

wakeboarding with sunglasses

Our priorities in designing wakeboarding sunglasses were simple.  We wanted:

  • Lightweight, flexible and indestructible frames – capable of taking a serious hammering.
  • Padded frames that were provided impact protection and lasting comfort.
  • An infallible leash system to stop the wakeboarding sunglasses from sinking
  • Premium impact-resistant and optically precise lenses
  • A stylish look that won the admiration of wakeboarding peers

The result?  Our Typhoon and Surge Watershades.

These models are truly the best sunglasses for wakeboarding as they have been power built to withstand high impact wipeouts and a harsh aquatic environment. The advanced frame material and construction also means the frames won’t snap, thereby avoiding injury caused by sharp edges.

They also all come with superior lenses from ZEISS, one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers, with optimised lens coatings to keep your vision consistently sharp and clear.

Protect Your Eyes with the Best Sunglasses for Wakeboarding

protect eyes with sunglasses

protect eyes with sunglasses

Sunglasses are replaceable.  Our eyes are not.

Our eyes are as precious as they are delicate and they need adequate protection, particularly from the harsh Aussie sun which has some of the most damaging UV radiation in the world. If you love watersports as much as we do, it is vital to invest in a pair of wakeboarding sunglasses that adequately protect your eyes from cumulative UV damage, glare, spray and even the odd flying insect.

And did you know, that even when it is cloudy, the risks are clear.  The famous Aussie sun doesn’t have to be shining for its damaging UV rays to get to work and when we’re surrounded by highly reflective surfaces like water, things can get even worse.

Our Typhoon and Surge watershades protect your precious eyes in more ways than one.

For starters, they have soft TPU rubber padding around the frame which acts like a vehicle’s fender to cushion and absorb any impact force.  It also serves as a comfortable interface between the face and the frame which is fantastic if you’re having extended sessions on the water.

The rest of the frame is constructed from Grilamid TR90, a unique Swiss thermoplastic which is light, flexible and virtually indestructible.  This advanced material also returns to its original shape when pressure or force is applied to it, which is another huge advantage.  If you faceplant while wakeboarding, your body might feel a little bent out of shape, but we guarantee your sunglasses will keep theirs!

And now for the lenses.

The lenses are the focal point of any wakeboarding, surfing or windsurfing sunglasses and we make no compromises with our Lip Sunglasses.

When you’re wakeboarding, you need optically precise and decentred lenses – particularly if you are doing manoeuvres like hitting the slider or ramp.  If your lenses aren’t true, they could distort your vision and create ‘object-shifting’ whereby an object appears closer or further away than it really is. When you’re powering up to catch some big air off the kicker, you need 100% certainty that you’re going to nail your position accurately.   Any misjudgement could lead to an accident and injury.

That’s why we partner with one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers, ZEISS. Not only are ZEISS’s lenses optically precise and impact-resistant, their range of base colours and lens coatings (such as water-shedding ‘hydrophobic’ technology) is the global benchmark.

At Lip Sunglasses, we don’t believe you should have to choose between fun in the sun and healthy eyes.  With our range of wakeboarding sunglasses, you have total peace-of-mind that we’ve got your eyes are covered.

So whether you’re doing a tantrum behind a boat or launching a Raley at one of the many cable parks around Australia, improved visibility will mean improved performance and better timing.  Our polarised wakeboarding sunglasses are not only the best-designed, but they also come with a market-leading three-year warranty.

With our range of sunglasses designed specifically for watersports and water-based activities like surfing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing and kayaking, you’ll be on top of your game.


Specialist eyewear for watersports enthusiasts.
Stay out there on the water and do what you
love for longer, while also protecting your eyes.

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